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Student and Instructors Impress at Annual Conquer Dojo Challenge

On Sunday, August 6th, Conquer Martial Arts held its annual in-school tournament the Conquer Dojo Challenge and everyone came prepared (or deliberately unprepared) to bring their best.

The day started off with the instructors spinning our new exciting (terrifying?) mystery weapons wheel. The wheel exclusively contained weapons that the staff do not know how to use and they would later have to perform with the students as their judges.

Competition then began with forms and weapons divisions before concluding with sparring and sword sparring.

After getting a little time to "master" the weapon that fate had bestowed upon them, the instructors competed in the Mystery Weapon Wheel Challenge. All of our students competitors got to be the judges and vote for the winner. In the end Mr. Tews won them over with his wonderful tonfa shaped lightsaber performance, so he gets to hold onto the Glittery Mystery Weapon Wheel Thumbs Up trophy until next year. Acceptable work indeed sir! Checkout the highlights below!

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