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About Conquer Martial Arts

Conquer Martial Arts has a personal mission to positively impact the lives of each student who walks through our door. At Conquer, we embrace and acknowledge the different abilities in our students. No matter what our students may experience outside of the martial arts school, our staff is sure to uplift them. We take the well being of our students very seriously, both young and mature. Knowing that size, strength and coordination vary by person, our goal is to help our students excel in their own way. It is a personal goal for our staff to teach our students life skills that will follow them for a lifetime. Many obstacles come our way in life and we are sure to CONQUER them all.


We learn many lessons from children. Seeing life through their eyes can inspire and change us. At Conquer Martial Arts, we thoroughly enjoy our young group of kids. As our young students explore who they are, we are along side of them to help guide and encourage no matter where that journey may take them. Our students quickly learn just how important they are to Conquer and the staff. At any age we feel respect is huge. To receive respect from others, you must give it first. Our five year old student will be respected the same as our 60 year old student. Conquer Martial Arts appreciates both our students and their families dedication to the program. Without our martial art family we could not succeed nor could we touch so many lives. 


Our knowledgeable staff provides a positive atmosphere and energetic space. Our staff at Conquer works very hard to adapt to every student’s needs. Students are excited to learn and master new techniques as we practice a rotating curriculum. Our students are never bored and take on each new challenge with the support of the instructors. Our staff is top notch, and will deliver a positive class no matter the subject for the day. Our students will learn everything from defending themselves against a bully or stranger. They will learn basic techniques in their offensive game, along with more complex techniques. Our students will learn how to use weapons as well as defend against them. We are proud to have a diverse approach along with a creative, masterful staff. 


Conquer Martial Arts provides many class opportunities each week. In doing this our students retain information taught each class and utilize the instructors knowledge properly. We offer many unique classes such as sparring, adult classes tailored to their interests, and a family class open to all ranks in order to provide a fun atmosphere. In any stage of learning, our classes will provide mental and physical challenges to create a well rounded experience for our students. Our classes are sorted by age and belt rank. Find your class in our class description!


We look forward to being a part of your journey. Contact CONQUER Martial Arts today at (920) 462 - 4730