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At Conquer Martial Arts, we strive to provide top notch instruction in contemporary martial arts while instilling the fundamental values of traditional martial arts. We want every student that walks through our doors and bows onto the mats to have a positive, fun, and engaging experience while learning valuable life skills that will empower them to CONQUER whatever obstacles they may eventually encounter throughout their martial arts journey as well as in their lives outside of it.


We understand that no two students will ever have the same journey. Whether it begins as a little kicker or as an adult, we work to make sure to challenge each student and set them along the path to seek personal growth. From training to compete in tournaments to training just to have fun, martial arts has something to offer to everyone. It can help improve general fitness, increase confidence, stimulate creativity, or teach discipline and self control while making new friends and connections that can last for a lifetime. 


One of our current endeavors is to increase our presence and reputation in competition both on the local Wisconsin and national tournament scenes. Under the guidance of head instructor Mr. Jeremy Husain, a seasoned competitor and national champion, our competition team, Team Conquer, has had multiple members see success on the NASKA circuit including several additional national titles. We believe that, regardless of the scale of competition, competing in martial arts tournaments builds confidence and helps develop a greater drive in our students to achieve milestones that previously seemed unimaginable. 


We pride ourselves in our close knit, family friendly atmosphere. We offer many class options with flexible memberships at affordable prices. Each of our memberships allows you to attend as many classes as you wish and we do not upcharge weapons and sparring programs other than the price for the equipment

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