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Our Programs

Little Kickers Martial Arts - Ages 4-7

Little Kickers.jpg

Our little kickers martial arts program focuses on providing fun and engaging classes for our youngest students. With a narrower curriculum set, these energetic classes focus on keeping students moving and focused while learning martial arts basics and preparing them for our beginners class. 

Teen and adult class - ages 13 +


Our teens and adults class features a little bit of everything all wrapped up inside of a good workout in a friendly and welcoming environment that is suitable for martial arts novices and experts alike.

action design

Created by Adrenaline Worldwide in collaboration with Hollywood’s top fight choreographers and stunt doubles, the action design program focuses on tailoring martial arts for the big screen. From learning to create action sequences safely to learning to manipulate camera angles, we teach students how to be their favorite superheroes and prepare them for additional opportunities that martial arts knowledge can offer. 

Sparring - Green belt rank +


Our sparring classes allow our students the opportunity to safely apply the blocks and strikes that they have learned against their classmates. Our focus is for students to use proper technique quickly and with decisive timing while maintaining good defensive positioning.

Youth Martial arts - ages 7-12


Our youth martial arts program focuses on developing well rounded martial artists and individuals. Beginning with fundamental techniques and stances, we place a special emphasis on skills students need to succeed in any walk of life such as confidence, focus, respect and integrity. Keeping these roots throughout, we expand into sparring, weapons, and acrobatics which teaches self-control, perseverance, and creativity. 

Black belt Class - 1st Degree rank +

Black Belt Class.png

Our black belt class features a rotating set of modules each designed to challenge our most advanced students. Spanning both traditional styles and creative styles of martial arts, each module includes a different form or routine of a unique style or weapon to keep pushing our students to achieve what previously seemed impossible. 

weapons - Rank Green belt +

Weapons Class.jpg

Previously only taught to our black belt students, our weapons class allows students access to begin learning to use weapons early at their own pace. The class cycles each module through a different weapon allowing students to learn them all or to specialize in their favorite. With multiple class levels, new students will always begin with other students of a similar base level of knowledge with the current weapon, while students already familiar with it can learn advanced moves that prepare them for black belt level forms. 

sport karate Fundamentals - Purple belt Rank +

Sport Karate Fundamentals.jpg

The sport karate fundamentals class uses repetition of basic techniques and combinations to hone the foundation of the modern martial arts competitor. With heavy emphasis on stances, this class is highly structured and consistent which allows the newest students to perform the same moves at the same time as the most experienced ones. Regardless of experience level, all martial artists can seek to improve their craft by drilling the basics.

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times." - Bruce Lee

tricking class - purple belt rank +

Tricking Class.jpg

Once considered a subset of sport karate skills, tricking, as it is now called, has grown into its own sport consisting of the most complex of martial arts spinning kicks, the acrobatic flips from gymnastic, and a wide array of other influences. Held on our own spring floor, this class seeks to safely teach students of all levels moves that defy the laws of physics and leave a sense of awe. 

Tournament forms class - open


This unstructured class is open to any student who has a form that they wish to practice. With an emphasis on learning how to perform their form in front of an audience or judge, the instructors on hand give individual advice to each student on how they can tweak and improve their routine.

Team Conquer - invitation only

Team Conquer.jpg

The best of the best. Team Conquer is our competition and demonstration team. This by invitation only group, which features World and National Champions, competes at tournaments across the state and country and performs demonstrations at local events. During this class period, the team constantly seeks to refine and improve their performance.

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