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Mr. Matthew Powell

Mr. Matthew Powell has been an instructor for over 12 years and has been with Conquer Martial arts since its inception. He began his martial arts journey in 2004, and was trained in American style karate, which is a mix of practical elements of several different martial arts with a foundation of traditional karate. As he trained and studied, he became passionate about self-defense, and sport karate competition, as well as teaching! He has competed in many local and national tournaments, and specializes in the weapons forms division with his bo-staff.  He is committed to sharing his martial arts knowledge and creating a positive culture that impacts the lives of each of his students.

Mr. Jordan Lehman

Mr. Jordan Lehman is a lead instructor at Conquer martial arts.  He started martial arts in 2007, eventually earning his black belt, volunteering part-time as an assistant instructor, then working as a full time instructor.  During a 2 year hiatus from martial arts after leaving. his previous school, he took up an opportunity here with us at Conquer Martial Arts and has been teaching here the past 2 years!  His specialty is Traditional Karate and Tae-Kwon-Do.

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Meet the team

Head Instructor

Mr. Jeremy Husain is the owner and head instructor at Conquer Martial Arts. He started martial arts in 1997 and has been teaching martial arts for almost 20 years. His specialty is Sport Karate, a contemporary style that blends various disciplines with exciting acrobatic techniques sometimes referred to as “tricking.” He spent much of his youth competing in martial arts tournaments across the country while representing nationally renowned teams, Team AKA and Team Infinity. In 2008, he won a national title on the NASKA tournament circuit in black belt creative forms. His weapon of choice for competition is the kamas. After graduating from college, he moved to Appleton and began teaching at Conquer Martial Arts, eventually taking ownership of the dojo in 2021. 

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Mr. Husain's Martial Arts Journey

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Lead Instructors

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