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Many obstacles come our way in life and we are sure to CONQUER them all.

Martial Arts Instructors

They may look young, but our Instructors have devoted many years to training in Karate and other martial arts. Through extensive testing, certification and tournament level competition, the staff at Conquer Martial Arts has attained mastery in Karate and now enjoys sharing their knowledge and skills with their students.

Instructors teach at different times and classes throughout the week, allowing students to learn the same technique, but through different teaching styles. Instructor rotation keeps classes fun, interesting, and challenging, while helping students retain what they learn.

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Our Chief Instructors

  • Dilon Kitzerow

    Karate School Appleton

    Mr. Kitzerow is Owner and Chief Instructor of Conquer Martial Arts. Teaching the specialty Jiu-jitsu classes along with regular martial arts classes, Mr. Kitzerow is one amazing 3rd Degree black belt. He continues to train in MMA, XMA, and Jiu-Jitsu. We are honored to have his knowledge of many styles within our school. With Mr. Kitzerow's knowledge, our students have the opportunity to gain experiences unlike any other martial arts school. Mr. Kitzerow enjoys passing on his passion to students, while helping them reach their goals.

  • Bailey Kitzerow

    Karate School Appleton

    This high kicking woman is the owner and Chief Instructor of Conquer Martial Arts. She has an affinity for detail and has a strong understanding of all students and their abilities. Mrs. Kitzerow thoroughly enjoys martial arts and continues her training while sharing her passion with others. We are honored to have an instructor who makes it a personal mission to create leaders in our youth. Hoping to pass on the true meaning of martial arts, Mrs. Kitzerow teaches students about confidence respect, focus, and self- control.

Our Instructors

  • Amber Marciniak

    Karate School Appleton

    Miss Marciniak, although young, has a true understanding of living life as a martial artist. She has a high expectation of herself and hopes to move her students to be their best by displaying a never give up attitude. Miss Marciniak has a background and continues to train in gymnastics, which has proven to be a helpful tool in assisting our students looking to do martial arts on another level. Respect and Self Control are two of the most important life skills on Miss Marciniak's list, and she is sure to pass those skills onto her students.

  • Nate Hochholzer

    Karate School Appleton

    Mr. Hochholzer is a huge asset to our team. Students look to him for support, encouragement, and understanding. Mr. Hochholzer forms a strong bond with his students and is sure to keep the atmosphere fun and positive. His sense of humor and love for martial arts is the perfect combination. Mr. Hochholzer has many interests and extra curriculars he is involved in, helping him relate to each of our students. He hopes to show students how important it is to be a black belt leader.

  • Jon Helein

    Karate School Appleton

    Mr. Helein has been part of our team for many years. He has a true passion for helping kids no matter what obstacles they may need to overcome. Mr. Helein is able to identify a student's struggle and give them tools to succeed. He developes a relationship with our students and becomes a big brother support to them. Mr. Helein even has hopes of being involved in law enforcement one day.

Our Assistant Instructors

  • Paige Cloutier

    Karate School Appleton

The strength ofConquer Martial Arts

A positive atmosphere and energetic space.

Find Your Class

Little Ninjas: (Ages 5-6)

Our Little Ninja class is specifically tailored to a young age group.

Beginner: (Ages 6-12)

Our Beginner Level class is designed to bring mental and physical challenges to students.

Intermediate: (Ages 6-12)

Our Intermediate Level class is a bump up from the basics.

Advanced: (Ages 8-12)

Our Advanced class is absolutely crucial to a CONQUER black belt’s development.

Adult/Teen: (Ages 13+)

Our Adult/Teen class is truly for overall health and fitness.

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