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Many obstacles come our way in life and we are sure to CONQUER them all.

Our Programs

Instructors teach at different times and classes throughout the week, allowing students to learn the same technique, but through different teaching styles. Instructor rotation keeps classes fun, interesting, and challenging, while helping students retain what they learn.

Little Ninjas: (Ages 5-6)

Our little ninja class is specifically tailored to a young age group. This class maintains a level of fun to keep the attention of our students, all while teaching the basic techniques of martial arts. Students can expect to be challenged in an entertaining way, receive positive reinforcement, and even giggle at their instructors. We truly aim to make martial arts fun for children at this age. Little Ninjas learn about things such as self-control, respect, focus, stranger danger, and more. It is our pleasure to help students grasp these important skills at such a young age without boring them!

Beginner: (Ages 6-12)

Our beginner level class is designed to bring challenges both mentally and physically to students, while maintaining a fun and energetic atmosphere. Students will learn the very basic techniques to benefit them in the future when learning more complex moves. Students will learn life skills such as self-discipline, focus, respect, and more. Our beginner class will also learn the basics of self-defense, proper technique with basic kicks and punches, along with speed and accuracy. This class is truly meant to set our students up for success for the rest of their martial arts career.

Intermediate: (Ages 6-12)

Our Intermediate level class is a bump up from the basics. In this class not only will our students have achieved a higher belt rank, but a much deeper understanding of martial arts completely. Students will take what they have previously learned, master it, and take it up a notch. Students will learn effective self-defenses and practice reaction timing. It is in the intermediate class that students truly blossom and discover their abilities. We provide the opportunity for kids to find their passion in martial arts such as weapons, open hand forms, etc. Students will learn leadership skills and develop an understanding of what it means to be a leader. This class brings out each students individual talents and kids love discovering their own abilities!

Advanced: (Ages 8-12)

Our Advanced class is absolutely crucial to a CONQUER black belt’s development. Students spend a lot of time mastering and perfecting their open hand forms, weapon forms, self-defenses, and learning complex techniques. Students will be challenged both mentally and pushed physically. We always keep classes fun, intriguing and positive for our students no matter their level. Advanced students work very hard to earn their next rank as this is their last stepping stone before black belt. Students must show us they have adapted to live as a true martial artist in every aspect of life. We hold our students to a very high standard as we know they are capable of anything.

Adult/Teen: (Ages 13+)

Our Adult/Teen class is truly for overall health and fitness. Our students in this class will work hard, have fun, and learn at a fast pace. We have a blast with our adults as they retain information well and advance quickly. Students in this class will learn everything from self– defense to handling a sword. Our adults will advance belt ranks as our younger students do, although challenges will be greater. Let’s hit something!

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A positive atmosphere and energetic space.

Meet the staff

They may look young, but our Instructors have devoted many years to training in Karate and other martial arts. Through extensive testing, certification and tournament level competition, the staff at Conquer Martial Arts has attained mastery in Karate and now enjoys sharing their knowledge and skills with their students.

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